Dr. Van DeMille


Van DeMille, DDS, spent his early childhood years in Missouri before moving around northern and southern Utah. He served as a missionary in Brisbane, Australia, for two years before pursuing his college education.

Dr. DeMille began his training at Snow College in Ephraim, Utah, where he received his Associate's degree. He then earned his Bachelor's degree at Utah State University and his Doctor of Dental Surgery degree at UTHealth Houston School of Dentistry. During his undergraduate studies, he explored several health professions before discovering that dentistry allowed him to combine his passion for helping people with his creative side.

When treating his patients, Dr. DeMille keeps in mind advice from his mentor, Dr. Brandon: “Dentistry is about the people.” He approaches patient care by setting clear expectations, considering both his capacity and his patients’ wishes. He believes care should be patient-driven and supported by his skills and expertise. He encourages his patients to ask questions and strives to create a welcoming and safe environment where his patients feel satisfied and happy with their care.

The DeMille Family

In his spare time, Dr. DeMille enjoys spending time with his wife Rachel and their three children, Wesley, Jamie, and Kimberly. His hobbies include building and repairing anything he can get his hands on, whittling, woodworking, and basic arts and crafts. He also enjoys outdoor activities such as horseback riding, kayaking, camping, and scouting.

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